Divine Guidance

Seeking my path, and following my feet one step at a time.

I would have never considered doing this before. I’ve never thought of blogs as my thing. However the era we find ourselves in has me terrified, and filled with a sense of urgency. I wake in the wee morning hours, lay there and cry for the planet. I see us facing true existential threats on nearly every front. It is clear if we stay on our current trajectory we will, all of us, parish in a terrifying hell-scape.

Feelings of my own individual helplessness have had me casting about for clarity. So I recently began conferring with my spirit guides and the guardian angels. Through a set of oracle cards that I was gifted by one of my dearest friends (and a true light in my life) I have been guided to creative writing. It is fairly unfamiliar territory. Yet I have been told that it holds the answer to my prayers for how I can aid our planet and that it is time for me to lead.

“Lead?” I wept at this. A kind of ineffable weeping that came from deep within. From a place awakened, that I used to know as a child. I cried out to the angels in audience, “yes I will, but I don’t know how. I’m scared, and I need your protection”. The cards replied that this endeavor is divinely guided and it is the time to spread my wings and soar.

The 7 cards that have been repeating themselves in my readings for many weeks now. No matter how much I shuffle the deck my hand is repeatedly drawn to them. It almost feels like my hand is being held and guided. A very strange sensation. (From the deck “Archangel Oracle Cards” © 2004 by Doreen Virtue.)

So here we go. This is my cliff dive, and I’m scared shitless.

I know what you’re thinking. “This chick is totally ‘Looney Tunes’”.

Believe me, up until now I probably would have agreed with you. But a new era is dawning and I can feel it in my entire being. Can’t you? Just roiling in there? Like everything is balanced on a knife’s edge?

A few - poisoned by greed and vanity - have positioned us, “the meek”, to pay for their sins. In this country, 45 and his blindly obedient minions have shown us repeatedly; that he is most certainly aligned with the dark forces that could inevitably spell our doom, and that they are completely willing to help him draw us into ruin. (Though I can assure you that God, in whatever way you subscribe to him/her, will punish them ten fold).

The coming years are going to test us all. The climate crisis is going to claim many lives, of this I am sure. It has already begun. I have faith that there is some hope to reverse the tide, but on this score in particular we must act swiftly. And failing the intervention of our current government we have to start with our own accountability. For if we all work on our own individual impact in unison we can witness tremendous gains.

And while it is becoming clear that we “the meek” will have to suffer for some time yet for our own hypnosis. The time has come. We must shake off our apathy and “inherit the earth” before it is too late.

Coming into view, are glimmers of an era of equality, love, and enlightenment. You can see us awaking and shaking off the spell inside of movements like Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, Me Too, the March for Our Lives put on by of the young people from Parkland, FL, the student walk outs world-wide demanding climate action, and most recently the spontaneous chants for equality at the Women’s World Cup. This fight is going to be arduous, but if we break it into manageable chunks, and pull as a team, we can emerge victorious. It is from this darkest place that the brightest light will shine.

We’re all in this together. I’m with you.

I have faith that we can do this. It is the task we were born to.

Thus commences a blog about taking up the mantel, shaking off our programing, and realizing our earthly Utopia as intended.

So, nice to meet you. I do not proclaim to be perfect. I am flawed. I am human. I have been asleep at the wheel too. This is me. But the future is we. I love you all sincerely. It is time we rise.