Born: 1984
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Currently Resides In: De Forest, WI
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2013
Associates Degree of Applied Arts in Graphic Design & Illustration Madison College (then Madison Area Technical College) 2009


My work is a reaction to the slick digital times in which we live. These works are deeply inspired by the cross-country road-trips of my youth, a tactile affinity for paper, and a primal drive to make physical things with my own two hands. They are born from presence, persistence, and patience.

In my practice I create what I call, “tactile meditations” on the dichotomous relationship between destruction and creation. Each piece begins with a spontaneous gesture or pattern that when filtered through repetition and concentricity grows organically into something naturally evocative and formally eternal. With one shape persistently compounded upon, either through the subtractive process of repeated removal in my cut sculptures (like a stream carves a canyon), or the additive of one line after another in my ink drawings (like fault lines forming mountains), I am able to create my own world of imagined topographies.